Vimeo Lightweight Video Streaming Solution for High Value Content

This is Matt. Here a video about the lightweight solution to actually host your videos.

Until now you mainly consume videos via Loom that are embedded in my posts. So this is micro content: very short, precise on the point content.

But what do you see here? This is more the long form content that I have been creating with you. The functional medicine training, fxmed accelerate week one.

Then I’m hosting this here on Vimeo as well: the very first live event I did with Bastian Hoelscher and the recent game changers speed networking event.

I’m hosting these on Vimeo as well.

So why do I host these on Vimeo? Because I don’t want to want them to be public, that’s why I host them here.

So Vimeo is a great option if you want to do longer video content hosted in a secure space, you can use this as this very simple to use and it’s a really, really good start.

A level up would then be something like Amazon, AWS S3. But this is more technical. It’s a bit more complicated.

This is what you need when you building more like a heavyweight tech stack for info marketing.

Would you have in the back end your video courses that you want to continually stream. Then this is what you need for that.

About the Author

Matt is a digital athlete, fxmed early adopter, and expert biohacker from Munich, Germany. During a period of suboptimal health, Matt discovered the disruptive medical paradigm of functional medicine. As a result of its application, he got back to optimal health and made it his mission to use digital growth hacking skills to bring effective lifestyle health interventions to the mainstream.