Tim Gray, CEO of Health Optimisation Summit, explains “How to hack Biohacking”

The first Health Optimisation Summit took place on the 14./15. of September in 2019. Here are Tim’s top tips to optimal health in 5 steps. Everything is very well explained and easy to execute on.

Content of the video:

Tim Gray, CEO Health Optimisation Summit

It took over 7 years until Tim, the leading biohacker of the UK, optimised his health for peak performance and optimal health.

In this candid presentation Tim shares his top 5 Biohacks which build the foundation for further more advanced health optimisation.

Tim Gray, CEO Health Optimisation Summit, London

The 3 Core Messages of Tim Gray’s  Talk:

  1. How to dramatically optimise your immune system, energy levels and overall mental clarity.
  2. How you can get rid of 90% of your headaches without painkillers
  3. How to properly optimise your sleep

5+1 Hacks to “Hack Biohacking”

  1. Sleep Optimisation
  2. Optimal Hydration
  3. Oral/Dental Health 
  4. Optimal sunlight, light and grounding
  5. Optimisation of O2, CO2 and breathing
  6. Optimal Nutrition based on Nutrigenomics

Hacks 1-5 are the Basics, only then it makes sense to tackle Nr. 6.

Many Gurus start at Hack 6: nutrition.

Especially a lot of fitness experts are beating the drum solely on the topic of nutrition without optimising sleep and hydration first.

I personally think it is not effective and efficient.

Only when steps 1-5 are solid nutritional uptake will be optimised. Tim is right on the money here.

Especially breathing deeply has a deep impact on intestinal peristalsis.

After the Summit is before the Summit…

Come to Tim’s next event in 2020: Health Optimisation Summit in London goes down September 2020!

About the Author

Matt is a digital athlete, fxmed early adopter, and expert biohacker from Munich, Germany. During a period of suboptimal health, Matt discovered the disruptive medical paradigm of functional medicine. As a result of its application, he got back to optimal health and made it his mission to use digital growth hacking skills to bring effective lifestyle health interventions to the mainstream.