Supporting the european FXMED community

The Digital Native Mini Course for EU fxmed Providers

Learn about the most useful apps, hacks and tools you need to get shipping fast in Your digitally powered fxmed practice.

  • Build a solid foundation for digital "how to" skills.
  • Get the essential tools for faster execution.
  • Become an efficient entrepreneur and save time.
  • Acquire the necessary skillset to build a virtual practice.
  • Move away from being productive to being efficient.

You will love these hacks,

„Thank you for your contribution, your information, knowledge, passion and kindness in sharing Matt! I am going to add Loom, trello and Ulysses (major!) to my workflow. The marketing and business side can be so overwhelming and annoying, so all the help is welcome! We as coaches need to be found by the people who search and need us.“ - Karen Nijssen, Functional Medicine Health Coach, Host of Functional Forum Netherlands, Alkmaar, Netherlands

We have been applying these very hacks on a daily level to build a virtual health and communication agency from scratch...

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    Course content delviered to you via email and PDF as a reference.

    Video #1 The best creativity platform for digital work
    Video #2 The #1 secret to work efficiently in Your browser
    Video #3 How to make great logos for Your website
    Video #4 How to schedule appointments and get paid
    Video #5 The essential tool for email support and social
    Video #6 Where to store all your written content assets
    Video #7 Create video content fast for your website
    Video #8 Master Kanban for effective project work
    Video #9 The best text editor for great writing experience
    Video #10 How to save time when logging into accounts

    And just that you know:
    We will continually expand on these... It totally depends with what challenges you will be dealing with while working with us.
    We will find solutions to them.

    "Thanks Matt! Loving the knowledge shared. In this short time, I have already made a leap in my thinking & the development of my business." - Trevor Speller, Director at TS Osteopathy, London, UK
    "I can highly recommend Matt for his skills in the tech arena. He helped me understand how to list my videos on YouTube so that they can at least get found via certain keyword searches. I think everyone I have interviewed is listed on the first page, if not top of the page under videos. Check out "Shay Klomp Bueters" and "interview" and it's listed first. Also my interview with Matt is listed 2nd. And I think it's not for lack of videos on their part. I'm sure we can all learn something from him." - Mireille Wagner, Functional Medicine Health Coach, Switzerland
    "Matt Dippl is a one of a kind, forward-thinking individual who is brilliant at bridging seemingly disparate fields into a cohesive union for maximum impact! I enjoyed interviewing him as part of The Detox Summit as an expert.” Deanna Minnich, PhD.,
    "I loved your course and I think we should all be grateful that you´re sharing your knowledge and experience so generously! I know from experience that it´s not easy for many of us to get into the flow of thinking as an entrepreneur." - Corinna van der Eerden, Founder Functional Medicine Europe Network
    “Matt is incredibly focused and always executes the highest value task at any given moment. This quality is rare and not to be underestimated. Also, he has an incredibly positive attitude that raises the mood and therefore the productivity of all those around him. I can highly recommend Matt, I expect world changing products/events to stem from him in the future.” – Paul Hayes, Entrepreneur, Front End Developer, SRSLY, Australia