Choy Lee Fut Shaolin Kung Fu Training in China in 2002

In 2002 I had the fortune to train traditional Chinese martial arts in the heart of Canton province in King Mui village under the guidance of Shaolin Master and Chan Family Choy Lee Fut Kung Fu style holder Chen Yong Fa, a 5th generation martial arts teacher, Chinese hit medicine specialist and qi gong master.

How I ended up on Chinese Television when I was Training in China in 2001

Here I am training a traditional sandbag form to train power and timing.  The video ended up on Chinese television in Canton province.

Due to the inspiration of my martial arts teacher, I ended up pursuing my University degree in Traditional Chinese medicine from the University of Technology in Sydney, covering Acupuncture, Chinese Medical Classics (Su Wen & Ling Shu), Tui Na Massage, and Chinese Herbal Medicine Classics (Shang Han Lun).

I completed my degree in 2007 and had my own integrative Chinese medicine clinic from 2009 to 2013 when I moved with my wife Tiffany to Europe.

About the Author

Matt is a digital athlete, fxmed early adopter, and expert biohacker from Munich, Germany. During a period of suboptimal health, Matt discovered the disruptive medical paradigm of functional medicine. As a result of its application, he got back to optimal health and made it his mission to use digital growth hacking skills to bring effective lifestyle health interventions to the mainstream.