Reversing Chronic Disease with fxmed

In this episode we have James Maskell, aka the “Rogue Health Economist” as a guest giving us the blueprint and execution plan how to reverse chronic disease in a population at scale.  Conversation Highlights with James Maskell (00:00) Matt introduction (01:23) Introduction James Maskell (02:13) From where James draws his energy, purpose and passion from [...]

In the very first episode of the “Hacking Health LIVE!” show we will cover „Lifestyle Change Approaches to treat Type 2 Diabetes“ with MD Bastian Hoelscher, a Functional Medicine Physician from Gevelsberg, Germany. Interview Highlights with MD Bastian Hoelscher (00:00) Matt introduction (00:37) Introduction Bastian Hoelscher MD (01:52) The reason why Bastian became a MD [...]