Bi-Monthly Men’s Health Mastermind Group for Digital Natives

In case you’d like to be part of a bi-monthly men’s health mastermind please take your time to fill out the form. Tell me first about the „now state” when it comes to your current challenge as a man. Then bring your focus into the future and share your expectations with me. Think about where you “want to go”.

Matt DipplMatt is an experienced online business operator and is well known in the German media and Biohacking scene for his functional medicine knowledge, and “cross functional” medical knowledge. He is a former clinician, holds a B.H.Sc. in Traditional Chinese medicine from the University of Technology in Sydney, is certified in Digital Marketing Management and Digital Business Innovation (DBI). Matt really enjoys working with men working from a digital and entrepreneurial environment.

Biohacking 101: “Coaching is not therapy. It is product development, with you as the product.”  – Fast Company

What is a mastermind:

  • It is a group process in which everyone gives their gift into a container
  • During a session 1 person will receive and the rest of the group gives
  • Outside of the session there will be coaching support from Matt
  • Matt will draw on his network of experts to support the group process
  • It’s a great way to expand your network and to be part of a tribe of men
  • The core purpose of this mastermind being vitality in business execution

What Matt can help you with:

  • Sorting out your discipline, focus, and drive in life
  • Laying the foundation for healthy cellular energy production
  • Creating a morning routine that packs a punch
  • Getting access to your sexual core as a man and how to cultivate it
  • Shifting from “boy psychology” to “man psychology”
  • Understanding male and female polarity in relationship
  • Learn how to get out of your head and into your body more

Matt’s unique coaching approach covers:

  • Energy: cellular, mental, emotional & physical
  • Science: functional medicine informed, epigentics & nutrigenomics
  • Identity: introspection, meditation, self-awareness practices
  • Embodiment: Breath work, Qi Gong, Exercise


“Meeting Matt roughly a year ago was total synchronicity in action. We went from interesting conversations about our life stories through meditation and biohacking all the way to Chinese traditional and functional medicine. His open-minded and open-heartedness is very authentic and he just opened up his network to me. He’s now also coaching and giving biohacking sessions at our company on a regular basis which is very well received and builds the resilience of our team.” – Max Loessl, Founder & CEO

“Matt is a really progressive health professional with a refreshing and scientific approach to wellness. Biohacker extraordinaire!” – David Elliott, Managing Director

“I have got to know Matt in 2013 and immediately had a connection with him about food and nutrients. We both know how important food is for a healthy life. Since startup founders are by definition unhealthy workers, they need all the advice they can get on how to prevent an unhealthy life. Being a patient with a chronic condition, Matt has made it his purpose in life to help others to succeed…. by using the right nutrients.” – Marc Wesselink, Co-Founder

“Matt Dippl was a great addition to the Tech Open Air festival of 2013. His great personality and his deep insights into the health and biohacking industry made his presentation absolutely outstanding. I have known Matt for many years and am in awe of his personal growth and the development of his business acumen. Watch out, he’s onto something.” – Nikolas Woischnik, Founder, CEO,

“Hi Matt, just wanted to send you a message to say thank you for the invite today, and pulling it all together. I think your platform and brand is going to go from strength to strength!” – James Strong, Founder

“Matt is an expert biohacker who coached me to tweak my health to the optimum. He uses sophisticated web technology to ensure clear communication, support and guidance. I can highly recommend Matt if you are looking for a health coach, with an effective holistic approach.” – Bram Speelman, Online Marketing Specialist, Netherlands

“Matt is a true Biohacking expert. His guidance & expertise on food, exercise routines & meditation have helped me to get in better shape, resulting in more stable energy levels, less stress & higher productivity.” – Kees van Nunen, Fire Starter, Startup Bootcamp Amsterdam, Netherlands

“Matt has been a great adviser and coach on healthy living practices in a demanding and fast paced startup environment. He has conducted number of content rich and dynamic sessions for startup founders that really resonated with the audience. Matt’s advise that we acted on brought noticeable change in how we performed under lots of pressure. I can definitely recommend Matt as a health adviser and biohacker.” – Dmitry Gritsenko, Founder & CEO