Lightweight Info Marketing Tech Stack: WordPress + Convertkit + Calendly

This is Matt. So this video series is part of the info-marketing series.

And in this one, I’ll explain to you what a tech stack is.

So a tech stack in info marketing is this: what is the platform you are executing from to actually get a MVP (minimal viable product) validated and then once it’s validated, how do you actually create a mini course, and how do you get it shipping.

So the tech stack that I’m using here on the agency page for biohacking101 is a simple super lightweight tech stack based off WordPress combined with convert kit. And, I’m using Calendly to schedule calls.

It’s all running, with a Google apps for business setup. So I have an ease of access to my calendar, to my emails, and my Google drive.

The major thing is this: if you’re an info marketer, you need a platform that you can be creative from and execute from, very fast.

And this is why in the beginning I’m using a WordPress to validate ideas.

So how does a info marketing strategy look like?

Well, you need to have a very specific target market and then you create a minimum viable product (MVP).

In my case, the minimum viable product is, for example, the live event I host every week. Yeah. That is the first one.

But it’s validated already. So we already had the first event. We had attendees coming in. For example Bastian Hölscher.

And then, what happens once people on a landing page and they see the value of the offer and they opt in with their email, they actually go onto an email list.

And then with an email list, you can continue to provide value. This is the idea.

And once the value is accepted (loved really) by your community, then you can start shipping products.

And once you get into the step of really having a validated product and you want to ship a digital product, then it is time to potentially go more onto a heavyweight stack. And you have to make a commitment to a specific market and to a specific niche.

Okay. So, but in the beginning, I think it’s very, very worthwhile to actually train yourself to become good in WordPress, to create very, very clean design so that it converts.

That it’s very easy to follow and it’s pleasing to the eye.

And then you have to start with lead generation get to talk directly with people and make offers.

And why do you want to talk directly to people?

Because you want to further validate your different ideas in the market. You want to find out what are their problems, what are their challenges that need solving? And then with that insight you can make your product more and more focused.

The wonderful thing about this is it’s basically active customer development and you building very, very deep relationships with the marketplace. It feels really good to listen, to help and to interact.

This is really invaluable because as an info marketer, you never sell hard, but actually you sell from the heart because you really care about the market. So yeah. So that’s the first video about the tech stack.

The MVP Experimentation Stack for fast testing:

  • basic WordPress,
  • convert kit in the backend for landing pages,
  • Calendly for appointments

About the Author

Matt is a digital athlete, fxmed early adopter, and expert biohacker from Munich, Germany. During a period of suboptimal health, Matt discovered the disruptive medical paradigm of functional medicine. As a result of its application, he got back to optimal health and made it his mission to use digital growth hacking skills to bring effective lifestyle health interventions to the mainstream.