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The "Hacking Health LIVE!" Show...

15.12. 2020 2000 CET with Sanya Alaya
"What's Sexuality got to Do with Healing?"

What this show is about:

  • Sanya Alaya is a Sexual Empowerment & Somatic Life Coach, Tantric & Sexological Bodyworker, Kinky Shadow Worker, Workshop Facilitator, nomad and dance addict.
  • Coming from a background of healing her own traumas, chronic pain and autoimmune disease through sacred sexuality and kink she did listen to her purpose and grew into facilitating trauma informed processes.
  • Join the show and ask questions LIVE! & in real time via connecting personally.

See you on the air,

Hosted by

Matt Dippl BHSc

December 15, 2020
8:00pm Central European Time

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    “Matt Dippl is a one of a kind, forward-thinking individual who is brilliant at bridging seemingly disparate fields into a cohesive union for maximum impact! I enjoyed interviewing him as part of The Detox Summit as an expert.” Deanna Minnich, PhD.,
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