Hacking Health LIVE! Show

In this episode we have Corinna van der Eerden on the microphone. Corinna is the founder of the Functional Medicine Network Europe, one the fastest growing social media based communities of functional medicine health coaches and doctors in Europe. It’s a great conversation about community building, the power of functional medicine, and the leverage of [...]

In this episode we have Thomas Olivier, founder and CEO of Omnos.me, a new high tech personalised precision diagnostics platform, powered by AI, to make the life of functional medicine doctors, patients and data driven biohackers easier. It’s an amazing conversation on the future of healthcare.  Conversation Highlights with Thomas Olivier Coming soon… Show Resources [...]

In this episode we have Catherine Knibbs, aka the “The Epigenetic Psychotherapist” from the UK as a guest sharing with us her trailblazing approach of combing mental health with a functional medicine perspective.   Conversation Highlights with Cath Knibbs Coming soon… Show Resources about Cath Knibbs Coming soon… Thank you so much for tuning in, it [...]

In this episode we have James Maskell, aka the “Rogue Health Economist” as a guest giving us the blueprint and execution plan how to reverse chronic disease in a population at scale.  Conversation Highlights with James Maskell (00:00) Matt introduction (01:23) Introduction James Maskell (02:13) From where James draws his energy, purpose and passion from [...]

In this show we have Jonas Over and Gosia Siwek-Over as guests. Jonas is an expert in Tibetan Breathing Yoga. He will show you live some of his breathing skills and shares stories about his exceptional teacher. Conversation Highlights with Jonas Over Coming soon… Show Resources about Jonas Over Follow @jonas.over and @gosiasiwek and check [...]

In the very first episode of the “Hacking Health LIVE!” show we will cover „Lifestyle Change Approaches to treat Type 2 Diabetes“ with MD Bastian Hoelscher, a Functional Medicine Physician from Gevelsberg, Germany. Interview Highlights with MD Bastian Hoelscher (00:00) Matt introduction (00:37) Introduction Bastian Hoelscher MD (01:52) The reason why Bastian became a MD [...]