Build solid Skills, not just a Resume…

Founder Matt Dippl

“Deep knowledge work is the lifeblood of the digital economy. When creative workers in the digital economy start to understand how their brain function is so closely linked to their physical health, then it will become apparent to them to invest more time, energy and money into their own health.”Matt Dippl, BHSc, Founder, FOCUS Online Interview, Germany

Topics Matt enjoys diving deeply into:

– Entrepreneurship and innovation in the healthcare sector
– Functional medicine, systems biology and community health
– Growth hacking, digital marketing and social in health
– Strategic brand building via authentic storytelling
– Digital minimal viable product (MVP) design and shipping
– Tech stack optimisation for infopreneurship
– Biohacking, health optimisation and self-awareness practices
– Meta learning for rapid skill acquisition
– Brain health optimisation for focused knowledge work
– Applying epigenetics & nutrigenomics in daily life

Matt’s Vision

Matt’s personal stance is that we need to be responsible in using digital technology to champion causes and ideas that are meaningful and value-driven, for the benefit of society.

Either, we use the internet consciously, or it uses us.

As well we have to stop “just hacking it”, and instead „go deep“, as individuals, as teams, as organizations, as communities, and as a global family. In communities of purpose lies the catalyst for systemic change.

To execute game-changing ideas we need game-changing teams. And for game-changing teams, we first need game-changing individuals, that are deeply purpose-driven, self-motivated,  and resilient.

It is Matt’s passion to enable knowledge workers in the digital economy to become true game-changers through self-awareness practices, health optimization, and digital communication skills acquisition.

Matt’s unique cross-functional skillset in the areas of functional medicine inspired lifestyle interventions, agile thinking and operating, combined with digital storytelling capabilities enables him to get results fast in a 1 on 1 setting, or via virtual group trainings.

Matt is a tech, data and self quantification enthusiast through and through, and he believes in his heart that the internet and technology will play a big part in overcoming some of the biggest challenges humanity will be facing in the 21st century.

Exponential problems need exponential solutions. And the time is now to tackle them with purpose.

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Matt is a really progressive health professional with a refreshing and scientific approach to wellness. Biohacker extraordinaire!
David Elliott, Managing Director