Basic Email Marketing Execution via Convertkit

So this is Matt here from biohacking101. And this short video, I will go into the very, very basics of email marketing. So why do we want to use email marketing?

Basically according to James Schramko it is all about „owning the race course“.

How to own the Race Course

Email marketing is about building up your own platform from which you operate, and you can invite other people in to benefit from it, or you choose who else you want to benefit.

And this is when we are talking about affiliate marketing, but specifically the heart blood of email marketing is to build your subscribers list that you serve only with their benefit in mind.

Getting started with Convertkit

So this is a totally fresh account here on convert kit.

And so how you start out to get subscribers, you build a landing page, let’s create a new landing page. And then you start with a very simple design that fits for your brand.

So if you’re in the event business, start with this. If you have a nice newsletter, I start with this. I started out with this one. For example, if you want to host live events, go with this one. Yeah, I’m up here.

You can see all these different facets, how you can promote different offers and over a landing page you are testing an MVP, a minimum viable product if it converts.

So once people then sign up over the landing page, they will get added to the subscriber list and then you can start automations.

One automation would be if they come into a webinar funnel, automatically the system sends out emails to get people sitting in front of you when you actually host the webinar.

Or an automation would be if the press on a specific link in an email that they get a specific tag.

Understand Your Visitors to deliver Value!

What are tags? So with tags, you’re basically creating information points about your subscriber. Why do we do that? Because it’s really beautiful if you only get a message that’s really fitting for you.

There’s no use if you are a diabetic to get a, you know, an email about Hashimoto’s disease, it’s a total waste of their attention span. So the more you respect the attention span of your reader, and you deliver the content in a very beautiful form through well-designed email templates, for example, people will love your work and they will respect you for it.

The Modern Day Megaphone…

And then the last great option is broadcasts so that you can make mass email broadcasts or talk without any automations to a segment of your list or to people with a specific tag.

And you can even schedule it via the time. And then the system sends out all these emails. So this is the very basics of it. And in the next video, I’ll tell you a little bit about email copywriting.

About the Author

Matt is a digital athlete, fxmed early adopter, and expert biohacker from Munich, Germany. During a period of suboptimal health, Matt discovered the disruptive medical paradigm of functional medicine. As a result of its application, he got back to optimal health and made it his mission to use digital growth hacking skills to bring effective lifestyle health interventions to the mainstream.