– Scaling Optimal Health & Faster Execution

Biohacking101 is an innovative and disruptive digital health and communication agency operating out of Munich, Germany, that is on a mission to transform complex healthcare challenges from the bottom up and top down, with the help of scalable technology. 


The Benefits of Optimum Health in Daily Digital Operations

Firstly, … #biohacking is NOT a fad: it is intelligent citizen science executed by smart and individualized (n=1) lifestyle hacks with the aim to improve health, deepen wellbeing & unlock higher performance FAST.

The benefits of incorporating biohacking tactics in daily life:

  • Increased capability to concentrate during knowledge work
  • Faster execution due to healthy neurotransmitter function
  • More resilience and stamina in demanding business settings
  • Higher focus, productivity and creativity during deep work
  • Positive workplace atmosphere in standup’s & sprints

This is what we Ship with Passion…

Corporates: Virtual trainings to create optimum health,  resilience and execution capability for teams in the digital sphere. We empower teams so that they can execute & ship innovative and disruptive products to society creating impact.

fxmed Health Coaches:  Solid operational online business training for a virtual practice environment, all packaged in bite sized pieces of micro content. We do get social, storytelling & email. And: we do love digital MVP design.

Global biohacking & fxmed community: Innovative and battle proven digital communication strategies to generate reach into the market via authentic and heart-based storytelling, combined with effective growthhacking tactics.

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