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Biohacking 101 is an innovative and disruptive digital health and communication agency operating out of Munich, Germany, that is on a mission to transform complex healthcare challenges from the bottom up and top down, with the help of scalable technology. 


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“Matt is a true Biohacking expert. His guidance & expertise on food, exercise routines & meditation have helped me to get in better shape, resulting in more stable energy levels, less stress & higher productivity.” – Kees van Nunen, Fire Starter, Startup Bootcamp Amsterdam, Netherlands

Our Weekly Biohacking 101 Educational and Community Events

Join Matt Dippl BHSc, the founder of Biohacking 101 every Thursday at 1900 CET in the weekly Hacking Health LIVE! Show.

Learn about the latest trends and developments in Health Optimisation, Functional Medicine and Biohacking.

One of our most successful weekly event is the Game Changers in Health Speed Networking Event hosted every Friday at 1700 CET.

Both of these events are LIVE! so you can just register, tune in and ask our experts direct questions to fast track learning and extend your network!

The Benefits of Optimum Health in Daily Digital Operations

Firstly, … biohacking is not a fad: it is intelligent citizen science executed by smart and individualised (n=1) lifestyle hacks with the aim to improve health, deepen wellbeing & unlock higher performance FAST.

The benefits of incorporating biohacking tactics in daily life:

  • Increased capability to concentrate during knowledge work
  • Faster execution due to healthy neurotransmitter function
  • More resilience and stamina in demanding business settings
  • Higher focus, productivity and creativity during deep work
  • Positive workplace atmosphere in standup’s & sprints

This is what Biohacking 101 ships with Passion…

Corporates: Virtual trainings to create optimum health,  resilience and execution capability for teams in the digital sphere. We empower teams so that they can execute & ship innovative and disruptive products to society creating impact.

fxmed Doctors & Health Coaches:  Solid operational online business training for a virtual practice environment, all packaged in bite sized pieces of micro content. We do get social, storytelling & email. And: we do love digital MVP design.

Global biohacking & fxmed community: Innovative and battle proven digital communication strategies to generate reach into the market via authentic and heart-based storytelling, combined with effective growth hacking tactics.

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